We live in a time of uncertainty. A time of unstable economies, an increasingly competitive marketplace, and political unrest. These are the facts of business life. But they are not excuses for failure.

We are Business Execution professionals and will equip your organization to deliver business critical results regardless of the uncertainties and obstacles that you face.

In February 2017, McKinney Rogers became a division of GP Strategies. Founded in 1966, GP Strategies (NYSE: GPX) is one of the few truly global performance improvement companies out there. Serving more than 16 diverse industries, GP Strategies is a leader in sales and technical training, eLearning solutions, management consulting, and engineering services.

Inspiring people to achieve the extraordinary.

Our Purpose alongside our Values comprise the core of our fabric- our DNA, our ethos. We relentlessly challenge ourselves, each other and our clients to push beyond what they believe to be currently possible. Beyond the incremental. Our passion, energy and results inspire a belief in hearts and minds that the extraordinary is achievable.
McKinney Rogers’ Mission Leadership philosophy is based on a proven set of military disciplines and tools called Mission Command.

This battle-tested platform, which dates back to the Napoleonic era, serves as the foundation of operational planning and training for some of the world’s most elite special forces, including the British Royal Marines.

We apply the philosophy of Mission Leadership to drive superior business performance. Mission Leadership is a truly holistic approach to business execution and starts with understanding the aspirational vision for the organization. Once an organization has clarity on “where it is going,” each individual must understand “what is my role in achieving it?” This clarity drives alignment, instills a sense of personal accountability, and promotes the independent thought and agility necessary to deliver mission-critical results despite obstacles faced. It requires outstanding leadership and high performance teamwork to be successful.

By assembling elite operators with both military and senior corporate experience, we’ve achieved a masterful balance of applied military planning and business leadership expertise. These come together to drive business execution solutions that have consistently proven their value to our clients — including world-class companies such as Bacardi, Pfizer, Grohe and Wal-Mart.

Born of our proud military heritage, McKinney Rogers’ Mission Leadership is a truly holistic approach to Business Execution.
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Sir Robert Fry:
History of Mission Leadership Video
Our founder and chairman are both veterans of the British Royal Marines. They are the leaders who have transferred the tenets of Mission Command to McKinney Rogers’ Mission Leadership approach to Business Execution.

When our founder, Damian McKinney, entered the private sector at the completion of his 18-year service, he discovered that the Royal Marines’ Mission Command approach to talent identification and development, process design, project planning and execution are directly transferable to the business world. From this insight, McKinney Rogers was born.