Major Premium Cable Network Hires Mckinney Rogers® to Align Employees and Foster Exceptional Performance by Embedding High Performing Team Behaviors

A leading U.S. based cable television network, currently the second largest network in America, hired McKinney Rogers to build a sustainable competitive advantage for their business. In addition to the U.S. subscriber base, the client also broadcasts in at least 151 countries worldwide.

The client’s programming consists primarily of theatrically released motion pictures and original series, along with made-for-cable movies and documentaries, boxing matches, and notable stand-up comedy and concert specials.

The president of one of their business units wanted to accelerate the development and focus of an already high performing team that was meeting, and often exceeding, expectations. The leadership was familiar with the business execution professionals at McKinney Rogers, through work previously done with their marketing team, and realized that they were uniquely qualified to elevate the performance of this team from great to exceptional, in a sustainable way.
The approach was to embed a way of working that would sustain and intensify the high performance of the client’s teams. McKinney Rogers conducted a series of High Performance Team (HPT) workshops for the executive team and the broader department; a total of 62 people. The objective was to align the company’s culture, people, processes and performance measurement. The team was able to focus on what had caused them to be so successful, highlight areas where there had been challenges, and develop a methodology that would allow them to focus on their own HPT behaviors to drive continued success.

At the heart of the HPT workshops is ASPIRE®. An acronym for Aim, Situation, Plan, Inspire, Reinforcement, Evaluation. ASPIRE is a McKinney Rogers empowerment tool for establishing clarity and alignment while identifying and replacing negative behaviors with more effective ways of operating. McKinney Rogers was able to take individuals out of their comfort zone and dissect the communication and management process that effected their everyday work environment. Applying various problem solving scenarios, role playing challenges and other techniques, the highly engaging workshop established a new HPT approach going forward for the team.

Since the initial workshops, McKinney Rogers has conducted follow-up sessions to maintain open lines of communications, cultivate reflection and feedback on their progress, and revisit the high pressure simulation that continues to reinforce HPT within their culture.
The workshops have ensured that the team is committed to new performance goals focused on embodying a sustained HPT culture. The McKinney Rogers team provided skills to communicate better, to hold more effective meetings, and provide feedback in a more professional setting across the organizational lines. They have created processes for information flow that elevated situational awareness throughout the team but also puts information in the hands of the right people to make expedited decisions. Team spirit and passion has increased leading to higher job satisfaction. One of the department members said, “Our objective was clear; left no room for judgments only productivity! The breakout sessions were a good opportunity to further collaborate and communicate ideas moving forward! I felt positive energy flowing throughout the room and a newfound enthusiasm to accomplish our tasks!”